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Hi! My name is Darlene and I'm sweet - just like the sound of my name.

*Here, I share the adventures and thoughts of a blessed damsel and how God has been the greatest part of her life's story. GLORY TO GOD!*


I will miss your beautiful face and how you always excitingly play with the water; Also all our fun and games; I will also miss the time when daddy and you used to play fetch; also how cute you were when you play that red toy bone that squeeks everytime you bite it; also how you always make my clothes dirty when you jump right up to me; I will miss the times when you ran to me and bite my slippers, inviting me to play with you; I will miss your kisses; I will also miss hugging and kissing you; I will miss how you stare at me, wanting me to cuddle you… There is so much more that I will miss. :) Thanks for the love . I thank GOD that HE gave you to us, even for a short period of time - you made us happy . Just like what daddy told me: YOU SERVED US WELL . I love you . :)

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